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API specialised in massively retrieving Open Graph metadata from any URL.


What's OpenGraphr?

When we are building a social product we often need to scrape websites to fetch their Open Graph tags, and display them to users to improve UX.

Use OpenGraphr API to stop worrying about scalability, scraping, proxying, and managing consents. We will handle all this for you in a super-easy-to-use API: just provide the URL you need to scrape and we will do the rest.

We are also the creators of TailGraph, a free Open Graph image generation API. It's highly integrated with OpenGraphr so, if the provided URL does not have an image, we will automatically generate one!
Active Users

Launch in AppSumo

We're launching in AppSumo!

Data Pipeline WC Partner

We've been invited as an API Partner to this online hackathon!

100% Serverless

Previously, OpenGraphr had one weak spot: the license management was done using Laravel in a VPS. This could have led to a shortage if the server did not have the capacity to satisfy all requests (each request to the API would check the license status).

Today, I am proud to say that OpenGraphr is running 100% serverless and can now handle millions of requests with no hassle ;)

50 registered users

Woah! Today OpenGraphr reached 50 registered users, and there are two paying customers! One of them even subscribed to the Growth plan.
This past month, OpenGraphr has supported almost 100.000 API requests for our users, most of them for the two paying customers.

First client

Only one month and a half later, and with almost no marketing and advertising, there's a person paying each month for this platform!
At this point, OpenGraphr has ~10 registered users and there are hundreds of people using the Open Graph debugger each month.

Came up with the idea

There were a few competitors in the field and I thought I could give it a chance and learn NodeJS and Puppeteer on the process.
It took me a few weeks and learning a lot about NodeJS, but finally got OpenGraphr working with a beautiful platform and my own Open Graph Debugger. I am really excited to launch this platform and see if it gets any users! It's built on AWS Lambda with NodeJS, and the website is powered by the beauty of Laravel and Livewire.

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